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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 31, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> spoiler alert. that phrase would be banned aside from spoiler alert, folks at michigan lake superior state university want to put the end to the term "kick the can down the road." the word "trending" and then "bucket list." but the phrase with the most votes is the phrase we have used over and over and over again: fiscal cliff. in more of that. okay? >> stop it. that does it for us. tonight is the big new year's eve special. happy and healthy new year. trace is here for shepard smith on "studio b" right now. >>trace: the news begins anew on "studio b" today. president obama moments ago
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taking the stage to say a deal on the fiscal cliff is in sight but no compromise so exactly where do we stand in what does it mean for your war let? secretary of state, hillary clinton, in the hospital, with a blood clot week after reportedly sustaining a condition cushion in a fall. we will have the latest on that coming up. al qaeda group in yemen offering a huge reward to anyone who kills the u.s. ambassador to that country. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00, president obama says congress is close to striking an 11 the hour deal to keep our nation from plunging off the fiscal cliff but he says the two sides still have ground to cover and the time is running out. that one-two punch that will
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kick in, hours from now, on january 1, and if the president and congressional lawmakers cannot hash it out, the united states could fall into another recession. here is part of the framework for the agreement. the bush tax cuts would expire for incomes above $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for families. unemployment benefits would continue for one year and the estate tax would go up. we have learned lawmakers are still working out the automatic spending cuts. president obama weighs in saying middle class families can not get caught in the middle. >> the last thing folks like the folks up here on this stage can afford right now is to pay an extra $2,000 in taxes next year. middle-class families can not afford it, businesses cannot afford it, our economy can not afford it. >>trace: traders on wall
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street are watching the president's comments. the chance of going over the cliff may not look great but the dow is up for the time being. we have fox coverage with wendell at the white house. but, first, mike is live on capitol hill. the senate leader is the -- actually, the minority leader, what is he telling colleagues? >>reporter: he said they are very, very close. he would like to take action to avoid having americans suffer a huge tax increase in a matter of ten hours. there are a lot of anxious senators walking around wondering if or when they will get a chance to vote on something. at 1:19 senator mcconnell sent this e-mail to the colleagues and i quote, "the tax piece is complete and done last evening at 1:45. i thought the deal was sealed but this morning the white house
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called demanding we also turn off the sequester, those are the automatic spending cuts, to against and domestic spending kicking in, in the new year." mcconnell has outside other ways to pay for several months of that so the new congress can work that out. he is senator mcconnell. >> i reached out to the vice president in an effort to get things done. i am happy to report the effort has been a successful effort. as the president just said in the television appearance, we are very, very close to an agreement. we need to protect american families and job creators from this looming tax hike. everyone agrees that action is nets. i and report that we have reached an agreement on all of the tax issues. we are very, very close. as the president just said, the
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most important piece is the piece that what -- has to be done now, preventing the class hikes. >> a lot of republican aides are accusing the white house of moving the goalpost by, at the late hour, throwing in this other issue, the sequester, the defense and domestic cuts that are obviously a big issue but they feel like they can do that in a couple of months. the bigger concern is they have worked out an agreement on all the different taxes due to kick in so mcconnell is pointing out, let's do that now. >>trace: now there are democrats who are complaining about what they have heard of the possible deal. >>reporter: that is right there is unhappiness on the details. there will be plenty of unhappiness on both sides with republicans upset there are no significant spending cuts in the possible deal. some key points of the framework include increasing taxes on individuals making more than
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$400,000 a year and couples making more than $450,000 a year, addressing the estate tax, the medicare fix for a year and extend unemployment benefits a year and fix the alternative minimum tax which is an annual headache permanently but some democrats are worried about the tax figures. >> somehow the democrats have agreed to raise the level of, from $250,000 to $450,000 and somehow there has been an agreement reached that we would keep the estate taxes at the $5 million level at 35 percent. all i can say this is one democrat that doesn't agree with that. at all. >>reporter: you add all of that in with the clock we are nine hours from midnight in the east and there is a lost anxiety on capitol hill.
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trace? >>trace: with good reason. thank you, mike. back to you as the news warrants. president obama expressed regret republicans and democrats have not been able to hammer out a plan to fix the deficit, a grand bargain. the president said that with the current congress that would have been nearly impossible. he was guardedly optimistic there would be good news before the ball drops tonight in times square. wendell is live for us at the white house. the president still is pushing for increased tax revenue and it appears that the g.o.p. leadership agrees to some extent. >>reporter: the leadership in the senate agrees. this was worked out between minority leader mcconnell and vice president biden who took over the talks after the negotiations between the president and house of representatives speaker boehner reached an impasse. it will be a tough sell for house republicans because there are no real spending cuts. the president promised spending
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cuts in the future and aimed to put political pressure on republicans. the deal represents a balanced approached, although there are no cuts. >> my approach is balanced and responsible so revenues have to be part of the equation in turning off the sequester and eliminating the spending cuts, as well as spending cuts. 9 same is true for any future deficit agreement. we will have to do more to reduce our debt and deficit. i'm willing to do more but it will have to be balanced. >>reporter: liberal democrats have complaints. members of both parties warn as bad as going over the fiscal cliff could be it is better than a deal that looks in what each sees as problems for years. >>trace: the president admits there is still work to be done. >>reporter: still questions of how to pay the extra money
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medicare doctors have been given and how to keep the alternative minimum tax from burning millions of new taxpayers. in addition to the spending cuts put off until 2013. it is not a done deal. >> there are still issues left to resolve. we are hopeful congress can get it done. it is not done. part of the reason i wanted to speak to you today is to make sure we emphasize to conditioning and that members understand this is a pressing concern across america. >>reporter: the deal would not satisfy the conditions congress made for avoid the fiscal cliff and the president will not go to hawaii to avoid the fiscal cliff
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and ever continue we get past the fiscal cliff, round two is in a couple of months when congress has to raise the debt ceiling to keep the country from default. trace? >>trace: thank you, wendell, from the white house. joining us now is columnist for the congressional newspaper "the hill." i have to go on what wendell says, if you are speaker boehner and you walk to the house of representatives members and say there is kind of a deal but no spending cuts. how does that fly? >>reporter: that is the problem. what you see are words of hope from the republican leader on the senate side how we are very close to what has to be fixed, the tax rates. he is trying to put a positive spin on that. we knew they would be fixed. the worry all along was, were we going to see a replacement for the draconian sequestration cuts everyone hated on both sides of the aisle for 17 months. here we are, in the final
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stretch, the 11th hour, surprise, both have given on the tax issue because neither could stand to go over the fiscal cliff, the tax cliff but that is giving of money, medicare fix, an alternative minimum tax patch, and more unemployment insurance checks, that is spending. but the cuts that puts such a didn't in our military capability has not been dealt with, that is a problem to try to get votes for on the republican side and a problem for long term because it is another band-aid for weeks or months to come. >>trace: and pie in the sky, say for some reason they come to terms on the draconian spending cuts, militarily and domestically, what about the taxes? mcconnell says they have come to term on the taxes, but is that sellable to speaker boehner's republican house
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members? >>reporter: it depends on what speaker boehner himself supports. if boehner comes to the conference and says i think this is a bad deal, they will vote against it. and he probably will not bring it to the floor. if the not puts out a deal with mcconnell's pleasing that speaker boehner sees as too reasonable to town -- turn down and he says to the members do you not have to vote but i will, he will get a good majority of his leadership team which is more than 120 people, with committee assignments not finalized until after the vote for speaker and he will get enough support if he supports the bill. what he has been saying if it is not something that can be supported by enough republicans he will not bring it to the floor. >>trace: thank you, a.b., happy new year, a.b. >> we expect more details of the fiscal cliff negotiations
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throughout the day and well keep you posted if we get anymore word from the white house or capitol hill during "studio b" and of course we will have complete coverage as the story develops through the evening right here on fox news. also, secretary of state, hillary clinton, in the hospital with a condition that can be very, very serious, even deadly, with the latest information on her condition is coming up next.
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>>trace: secretary of state, hillary clinton, in the hospital this new year, getting treatment for a blood clot. the doctors in new york discovered the clot yesterday during a follow-up examination for a condition cushion that she suffered early this month. she was supposed to return to work this week. instead, the spokesman said she will remain in the hospital for at least the next several days. now more from the new york newsroom. david lee, how dangerous is this blood clot exactly? >>reporter: at this time, that is not clear. officials have not released specific information of the location of the blood clot. experts who have not treated her say in all likelihood it is in her leg. a blood clod in the lungs or brain is were more dangerous. it is reported that her daughter was seen leaving the hospital with her mother is being treated and ignored reporter's questions
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and had a look on her face that was described as "anguish." trace? >>trace: that is not the first time she has been treated for a blood clot? >>reporter: she was treated in 1998 on the back of her leg and later she said it was the most serious memorial day problem she had experienced. patient whose suffer from a clod 06 ten have repeat episodes and this was discovered as part of a follow-up examination, some doctors say she could have had the clot previous to this head injury and it could have resulted from being immobile arrived during recovery. it could be risky. >> this with a head trauma could make her at risk for developing a bleed in her head because of the thinning of the blood. it is classic and a smart move to bring her to the hospital and observe her carefully.
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>>trace: airline travel is a risk for those with blood clots n her capacity as secretary of state she has logged hundreds of thousands of miles in the air. if now, she is grounded. trace? >>trace: david lee, from new york, thank you. as a minoreuroologist. blood clot? >>guest: yes, there are degrees of severity. the blood clot is probably in her leg and it would be in the veins of her leg. if it is a small vein near the ankle or the lower part of the calf, the risk of it dislodging and going do her lungs is pretty low with effective treatment. if the blood clot is very large and higher in her leg, say, in
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her thigh or around her knee, it could be serious. a blood clot the size of your thumb, say, could obstruct major blood vessels in the lung and be fatal. >>trace: use look at her, 65-year-old woman, aside from this, is in fairly good health, what else do you worry about with her? >>guest: well, blood clots in the leg are often triggered by specific situations. the veins, the blood in the veins of the legs are propelled by the muscles of your legs so any situation where you are not moving around very much is a risk for developing a blood clot. i heard it said she logged in an amazing amount of miles as her job as madam secretary so long periods of travel, sitting if long periods of time, that is certainly a risk factor.
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women who are overweight have a higher risk of blood clots. women particularly who are on estrogen therapy or around the time of pregnancy are at higher risk if blood clot. any situation where you are dehydrated. she had an illness and was dehydrated which led to herred fainting and getting the concussion, that is a risk factor. >>trace: what i am curious if i can jump in, i am curious to find out because we talk about hillary clinton running for president, although she says she hasn't not thought about it, would this preclude her in all travel that goes indo that, would in preclude her from doing that in? >>guest: no, we have had people with recurrent problems who live very full and very productive likes. it could require her to change some of her routines.
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if you have read the magazines, in-flight magazines she give you exercises you should be doing with your legs and ankles while you are on an air flight so you don't get a clot while you are traveling. keeping well hydrated is important. depending on her other medical profile, she may need to be on certain medications to prevent this from happening again. >>trace: thank you, doctor. >> new york city getting ready for the biggest new year's eve parties. we will have a live look from times square as people are already streaming past fox news headquarters in new york.
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>>trace: and now the champagne on ice, with 8 1/2 hours to go until the ball drops in new york's times square. in many parts of the world it is already 2013. this is a look at the fireworks display in sydney, australia, with seven tons of fireworks. in hong kong, 100,000 people gathered for what was reportedly the biggest and most expensive fireworks display in the city's history. the price fag was $1.5 million. and lauren is live in sometimes square with the big party. they have already been gathering. i can see the crowds. >> they gather as of 20 minutes ago the crowd was allowed here in times square. they started blocking the roads, as well. we are in an isolated area.
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but we cannot stay here long. you can see the crowd. an estimated million people will watch the ball drop live and wanted by a billion people around the world. >>trace: and the clean up costs and the economic impact? >>reporter: well, a ton of confetti will drop at midnight. there is some of it already. it will be about $50,000 to clean up. the party is $2.5 million but the direct spending and the economic impact is $25 million. as for throwing confetti they let they share the confetti. one says i wish for a sandwich, their wish for 2013. and this is better, a boyfriend, rome pan tick, kind, handsome, and rich, outdoor cowboy for me. and of course people have serious wishes like health and
12:27 pm
happiness and world peace in the new year and speaking of peace, let there will be peace is the theme for the 12' 12,000-pound crystal ball that the fall tonight. >>trace: you can watch the ball drop right here on fox news channel with the party starting at 11:00 p.m. eastern. so get your hats and noise makers and that good news and the all american new year's eve tonight right here on the fox news channel. >> the syrian government would welcome negotiations to end the deadly civil war which is now stretched on for nearly two years. that is the word from the syrian prime minister. analysts point out we have heard this talk before. and the u.s. ambassador to yemen has a bounty on his head.
12:28 pm
does any american soldier in that country every american soldier in that country does, as well, with the details from a dangerous offshoot of al qaeda, coming up.
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>>trace: this is "studio b," the syrian military today locked in a violent battle with rebels in several major suburbs of the capital of damascus. women and children are fleeing the gunfire in this video. at least five died in a rocket attack. damascus is the center of the syrian government. the battle for its control has been particularly bloody. keep in mind the country's civil war has already been raging for 21 months. human rights activistses say the death toll is more than 45,000. the chief correspondent is live
12:32 pm
with more. jonathan, the syrian regime says it is interested in dialogue. is that hopeful? >>jonathan: better than saying they are not interested in any sort of dialogue but not a lot better. we have her similar things for 18 months now from the syrian regime. the comments coming from the syrian prime minister who said the government is interested in any sort of political proposals that lead to a political solution rather than a violent solution. that sounds a lot like trying to save their own skin. in the next sentence, the prime minister went on to say that the country is "moving toward a historic moment when it will declare victory over the enemies with the goal of positioning syria to build a new world order that promotes national sovereignty and the concept of international law." declaring victory over enemies
12:33 pm
is a clear signal that the assad regime still wants to crush the opposition. >>trace: another stark warning from the u.n. peace envoy. >>jonathan: you may remember they have been trying for months to put together some sort of peace proposal. he took over from kofi annan who failed to get headway in terms of peace and resigned the position. high issued this warning yesterday saying if they cannot find a solution the death toll in syria could reach as high as 100,000 in 2013. remember, it is considered right now to stand at something like 45,000. he put it very starkly saying that if there is in solution, syria quite simply will be "transformed into hell." of course, a lot of the syrian
12:34 pm
civilians who have been living here the past 18 months would say syria is very much already akin to hell." trace? >>trace: indeed, they would. a newly released senate report blames the state department for failing to respond to security threats in benghazi before the attack that killed four americans. the senate homeland security committee cited a senior state department official who said that previous security-related incidents were triggered "flashing red indicators." but despite warnings no one moved to protect the consulate or shut it down. we are seeing one of the first public threats against u.s. diplomats since the attack. according to the u.s.-based cite intelligence group, militants in arabian peninsula have offered 160,000 worth of gold to anyone
12:35 pm
who kills this american ambassador. they are also offering $23,000 for killing a u.s. soldier. remember, intelligence analysts have called this branch of al qaeda the most dangerous terror group in the world. now we have former israeli special forces operator and a counterterrorism consultant and managing director at i.m.s. security and author of "brotherhood of warriors." good to see you, aaron. when you hear bounties are placed on an american ambassador as well as american soldiers, does that tell you this is upping the ante? >> it is being upped and there are specific threats made against specific representatives from our country who have been sent to representative and assist the yemen government two years ago we sent a very large
12:36 pm
special operations group including navy seals to yemen to help prepare them and help give them the training and track down the founder of the terrorist organization who we ended up killing in 2011, in september, two weeks after the actual attacks. this is one of the most dangerous terrorist affiliates right now. >>trace: what is the message when you hear bounties? >>guest: the message being spent is jihad, global jihad using twitter and facebook and social media to be able to spread this rhetoric and very dangerous. >>trace: it is a propaganda good war along with the physical war? >>guest: they know how effective the internet is, effective and cheap, and they can get to millions and millions of potential jihadist, a very dangerous time with a group had committed. >>trace: how would you expect the united states to respond?
12:37 pm
>>guest: to respond by being aggressive and being forward with their planning and making sure that the ambassador if that region has the appropriate security which is needed which is the key thing. we had four americans killed, great, great heroes killed in libya. it was unfortunate and it is because there was a lack of security that should have been in place. i hope that this security is going to be there and the layering will be provided. >>neil: how does this jibe with the statement that al qaeda is decimated? >>guest: it is not even close. we are so far away, the splintering effect we have seen since the we death of osama bin laden and all of the affiliate organizations are popping up, terrorism is impossible to stop and we will face this for the next 20 years as far as our national security is concerned. it is false and misleading to tell members that is the case.
12:38 pm
>>trace: when you say "splinter," is yemen the hub for al qaeda? >>guest: one of the most dangerous places in the world as far as where terrorism is planned and carried out and the most significant hubs as far as the war on terror. absolutely. >>trace: iran's navy reports they have test fired surface-to-surface missiles and other weapons during military exercises in the strait of hormuz which is a passageway for a fifth of the world oil. iran has threatened to shut it down in retaliation for western sanctions. iranian officials say the military drills will continue until wednesday. this comes as the united states and other world powers increase pressure on iran over their nuclear program. >> across the united states, folks are getting set to ring in the new year. there will likely be a lost alcohol involved and officials remind people, do not drink and
12:39 pm
drive. more than half of fatal car accidents last year, new year's eve, involved a drunk driver and in many of those, cops say the drivers do not realize they have had too much. now the first-hand look at drinking myths and how much alcohol it takes to get drunk. >> if he said he would take you home would you be willing. >> what our audience did not know he was drinking eight in total over the hours. >> i have had five glasses of wine and i am starting to slur. >> how much? >> six glasses. >> seven glasses of wine. >> ten coor's lite. >> 13 vodkas. >> this has one purpose: to dispell conceptions.
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>> coffee, exercise, shower, does it socialer you up? >> it wakes you up, and gives you more simulated effect but you still are drunk. >> a bigger person who is fatter, over weight, can they handle their alcohol better? >> in. people that are heavier have less water because fat has less water. >> is it possible to feel sober at the bar and not be associate behind the wheel? >> the alcohol content continues to rise after the last drink for 30 minutes. >> as we saw with our volunteer. >> i am drunk and i believe i would blow over the legal limit. >> .689. i am hammered. your alcohol is continuing to rise after you stop drinking. >> which is why many are arrested we after leaving. >> you can be impaired so
12:41 pm
tolerances are different. >> many are buying pocket breathalyzers but not all store-bought models are created equal. >> this is not reliable. >> two breathalyzers were inaccurate. one was on the money. but police say the testers are less effective overtime. think twice before risking your license on your accuracy. >> i learn no matter what you drink we you can only metabolize so much. >> everyone is a loser. when you drink and drive you lose. no one is a winner. >>trace: this new year's will be chilly around the country with the forecast for those headed out to celebrate. and venezuela develop's president chavez has been dealing with health problems for a while but the way the representatives are talking
12:42 pm
about it, it sounds like the condition has become a lot worse. [ roasting firewood ] ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go.
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>>trace: a health scare for the world leader who called president george w. bush the devil. venezuela president chavez has breathing problems after cancer surgery. that is the word from his vice president. steve, how bad is the
12:45 pm
president's condition? >>reporter: it looks like the condition is very serious. this was the fourth operation for a pelvic-area cancer for chavez, an undisclosed fact of the type of cancer. he has not been seen or heard from publicly in the past three weeks. all this is happening in cuba, and now the vice president has gone from venezuela to cuba marking how serious the condition is. requests have been made to the people of venezuela to pray for chavez and new year's celebration are canceled. >>trace: if president chavez dies who replaces him? >>guest: that is tricky. we are right in between an election back in october and a potential ininauguration on january 10. he has said he wants his vice president, a one-time bus driver, to replace him. it is not clear that would happen if he died now they have to hold an election in 30 days
12:46 pm
but it is more complicated than that. if chavez dies before the john 10 inauguration, that election is run by the head of the parliament. but if he dies after january 10, it is run by the vice president so if chavez who has run venezuela for 14 years were to diet would throw the politics into up heville but it would be an additional factor whether that happens before or after january 10. it could make a difference as who will replace chavez. >>trace: thank you. at home folks across our nation are ready to ring in the new year. in baltimore, crews are ready for the fireworks display at the famous inner harbor. in mobile, alabama, the tornado has not affected the traditional moon pie celebration with 80 pounds of chocolate covered graham cracker to be served. andian necessary dean -- now
12:47 pm
janice dean looks at the weather. >> low 40's where you are, trace? >>trace: at night, yes. >> it is cool across were of the country, feel be very wintery. the system is moving across the central plains, depending where you live it will be a rain or snow event with a mix, as well. across the southern plains we are getting the ring event. moving across the ohio river valley and the central united states we are getting the snow. not a lot of snow. but we could see 1" to 3". one of our computer models is saying up to 6"-plus. but in the lower mississippi valley, we get 1" to 3" so it will be a messy new year's so
12:48 pm
stay indoors and watch fox. 13 in minneapolis. 30 in chicago. 34 in kansas city. 60 in san antonio. los angeles is at 56 right now. 50 in san francisco. 22 in denver. cool for a lot of folks this new year's eve. trace? >>trace: what about those who want to see bill and megyn in person in times square? >> it will be around freezing mark as we count down in times square. they will have to bundle up because it will be chilly. i would say low 30's, so that is a little chilly and for new year's day in new york, 35 and possibly a flurry or two. very wintery like for bill and megyn. the new year's day across the country, we will see the snow and it will be cool across the rockies and 64 for you in los angeles. happy new year to you, trace,
12:49 pm
and your family. >>trace: and to you and your family, as well. thank you. >> this were 32 nfl teams standing in the beginning of the year and now at playoffs we are down to the final 12 but it is not the end of the road for the rest of the teams because half a dozen head coaches lost their jobs including a couple of big names. ♪ [ male announcer ] the way it moves.
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>>trace: in the nfl, if your team made it, congregations, mine did not, but the big news in pro football, unprecedented number of head coaches have been fired, at least seven so far. including the most notable,
12:53 pm
philadelphia eagles head coach, andy read, the winningest coast in club history, and the head coach of the chicago bears, with 10-6 record but missed the playoffs and san diego cut the coach turner who just missed the post-season for the third straight year. it is anyone's guess who will fill those positions because for now the focus for many fans is which of the 12 remaining teams will win the super bowl? we have the managing editor of the daily national. mike, the most exciting part of our playoffs is the three outstanding young quaterbacks, wilson, and r.g., and andrew. that is amazing. >>guest: amazing they are vying and san francisco 49ers, colin coming out of nowhere and leading a team that made the championship game last year with smith.
12:54 pm
they will ride him one more game to get to the super bowl. >>trace: you look at the big guns and they have the headlines, tom brady and peyton manning, huge years, both of them, and the super bowl you have to say has to go through denver and new england, they have to be the favorites. >>guest: absolutely. denver with home field advantage and peyton manning, he has been here before and taken the colts all the way to the super bowl. right new, he has an advantage. they are riding such a great hot streak everyone has to go through mile high in denver and tom brady included and the younger quaterbacks, they have to go on the road. including andrew against ray lewis. those will be the questions against the young quaterbacks how do they translate the success of the regular season to the playoffs where they have newt been. >>trace: who surprised you the
12:55 pm
most? washington? they are now in the playoffs? who do you think surged at the end the most? >>guest: if you look at what the redskins are doing, it is very impressive, they were 3-6 at one point and the coach was trying to rally the troops and naming r.g. iii as co-captain and they have taken off. if you look who will ride the momentum more, the team they are playing against, the seattle see hawks are peeking at right time and r.g. ii is not the same quaterback of last few weeks with the knee injury, it limited him. any were able to pull out the victory but he did not look 100 percent and a team clicking on all cylinders like the seahawks they are primed for a good run. >>trace: but he still looked good. and black monday with seven
12:56 pm
coaches being fired, i think andy reid goes dot chargeers. >>guest: and someone like smith will land in kansas city or buffalo. some coaches have their pick because they don't have disdain of too many spots they have not succeeded with andy having a great track record. he ran out of steam with the eagles and he will find a job as will suspicious -- will find a job but turner will be looking for a different job after being disappointed multiple times. >>trace: i like patriots and --. >>guest: i go with san francisco and the rookie quaterback and i am not bet against peyton manning, he has been there too many times and he has the home field advantage and the defense, we will see them.
12:57 pm
>>trace: who is the national champion? >>guest: my heart says notre dame but they will have a hard time with the alabama defense, it will be close, but alabama. >>trace: would plays in los angeles quickly next year? >>guest: no one is playing in los angeles next year. there is too much money to be paid from the tv contracts and no one is leaving. unfortunately for you. >>trace: "studio b" coming right back. thank you. yes she is, yes she . [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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